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GovCon Capital Enters Strategic Financial Partnership With KT Security Solutions

Financial Partnership Will Provide Financing for Ballistic Resistant Safe Rooms for K-12 Schools

WESTON, FL., (August 15, 2023) – GovCon Capital, a Florida based financial services company, dedicated to funding middle-market companies operating in the aerospace and defense industry, today announced that they have entered an exclusive financial partnership with KT Security Solutions to finance Rapid Access Safe Room (RASR) Systems. KT Security Solutions, which designs and manufactures bullet resistant transitional housing for the military, began producing the Rapid Access Safety Rooms for schools following the Uvalde, TX school shooting. The RASR functions as a fully customizable, retractable wall system that quickly converts inside a room to a ballistic shield and emergency shelter for schools and other spaces that are vulnerable. The RASR wall system is another layer of protection that can be deployed in K-12 schools, universities, banks, businesses, courthouses, government facilities, hospitals, places of worship, as well as U.S. Embassies.

President & CEO of KT Security Solutions, Kevin Thomas said, “Our exclusive lending relationship with GovCon Capital allows KT Security Solutions to offer a cost-effective and customized leasing program for our RASR clients. As of today, every school district throughout the country will be able to install this life-saving technology for less than $3 a day per student”.

The RASR leasing program allows State and Local Education Districts (SLEDs) to protect children and teachers during an active shooter situation with NIJ III Level/UL VII Level classroom enclosures. GovCon Capital’s leasing program allows for School Board Members and Superintendents to preserve school district budget priorities while at the same time protecting children and teachers from assault type weapons in their classrooms. The RASR leasing program will allow school districts to invest in a long-term asset and solution.

“The threat of an active shooter situation is at the forefront of every parent’s mind as they send their kids back to school. GovCon Capital is prepared to allocate the necessary funds so that every student can have a RASR in their classroom,” said Thomas Panuzio, Managing Partner at GovCon Capital, LLC.

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Rapid Access Safe Room Quickly Deploys

The Walls of The Rapid Access Safe Room Can Act as A Whiteboard or Can Be Customized To Suit Your Needs

Inside a Deployed Rapid Access Safe Room

Media Contact: Shelly Rose, Chief Marketing Officer

Direct: (786) 688-2410 | Office: (786) 688-2414

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