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Global Financing Solutions

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Services We Provide

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Asset Management

GovCon Capital tracks over 35,000 active U.S. Government contracts by agency, asset type, company, configuration, and solicitation. We do so to provide our clients with an exit strategy on a variety of assets when the contract period concludes. We currently manage aircraft, C5ISR assets, maritime assets, and mission system assets. Our program allows our clients to realize greater profit margins and value in their assets for the duration of the contract asset’s useful life. Why is this important? It allows contractors to be more competitive in their pricing knowing they will receive more value for their assets.

Distressed Asset Redeployment Program (DARP) 

GovCon Capital provides U.S. lending institutions with the ability to recognize a greater asset recovery rate within their Non-Performing Loans (NPLs). Leveraging our patented technology platform, DARP is our value-added reseller (VAR) portal that leverages our ability to sell highly valued assets to existing government contractors, hence mitigating the risk to commercial and industrial loan portfolios.

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