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GovCon Capital is dedicated to providing specialized funding for Space Based Assets (“SBA”).

Through our continued commitment to finance federal contractors of the Department of Defense (DOD) we are able to assist middle market companies who have emerging technology that support U.S. military, civil, and commercial operations.

GovCon Capital Finances Assets That Include:

Air Defense Systems

Commercial Sensor Tracking

Geospatial Assets


Missile Warning

Navigation Systems



Space Labs & Habitats

Space Sensors

Surveillance Networks

Weather Monitoring

GovCon Capital understands the role SBA’s play in DOD’s resilience capabilities and provides the necessary funding to federal contractors in support of the contract mission.   

  GovCon Capital Differentiates Itself From It's Competition In Several Key Aspects:  





Second, GovCon Capital provides financing on assets associated with IDIQ, fixed firm and managed services contracts. Our team is uniquely qualified to manage these finance programs on behalf of federal contractors based on our decades of experience in the federal contracting space.

Third, GovCon Capital's portfolio includes assets dedicated to ESS, FORGE, GEO, LEO, MGUE, NSSL, OCX, SBIR, WGS and WSF equipment programs.

Fourth, we are a direct lender deploying our capital, managing credit decisions, servicing our portfolio and providing asset management services at the conclusion of the contract. This allows our clients to be more competitive and lower their cost of asset ownership.

First, our investment in supporting our clients space SBA finance programs allows them to be more competitive and lowers overall ownership costs significantly. SBA programs are critical because they are integral to many different applications that affect both national security and civil society.

Over the past 36 months GovCon Capital has financed mission system equipment that is deployed in more than twenty-five different countries among nine government agencies.

GovCon Capital’s ability to provide financing across multiple government contract platforms

differentiates us from traditional lending sources.

GovCon Capital was born out of a necessity to provide critical financing to government contractors.


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