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GovCon Capital offers full service, independent financial services as a national direct finance company dedicated to providing government contractors with the funding needed for assets that are utilized to develop emerging technologies whose priorities are to deter foreign aggression and defend our homeland.

Assets GovCon Capital Finances Include:

Aircraft Simulators

Fixed Wing Assets

Ground Support Equipment

Mission Systems

Maritime Vessels


Rotary Wing Assets

Special Operation Weapon Systems

Support Services

Threat Simulators

Experimental Vessels

Our commitment to funding sea based assets and

related systems is based on our in-depth experience

and knowledge of mission critical platforms.


GovCon Capital provides financing to federal

contractors who are distributors, manufacturers,

operators, suppliers, and services providers to the

U.S. Army, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Marine Corps,

U.S. Navy, and other agencies. 

We finance the CAPEX assets associated with sea-based systems that are utilized in the construction, equipment, maintenance, modification and operational equipment, and sonar of maritime vessels globally for federal contractors.

  GovCon Capital’s ability to provide financing across multiple government

contract platforms separates us from traditional lending sources.

Today, capital liquidity dedicated to financing middle-market companies operating in the aerospace, commercial aviation and defense sector operators has significantly decreased.

Traditional lending sources have reduced allowable assets to be financed and tightened their allowances to finance equipment overseas.

GovCon Capital Doesn’t Take That Approach.

We deploy our capital for assets that

are located overseas in support of

U.S. based federal contractors in

their global mission. It is critical to

the national security strategy of the

United States for defense assets

to be utilized overseas.

  GovCon Capital Differentiates Itself From Our Competition In Several Key Aspects:  





Second, we finance both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft that are older than 20 years due to our knowledge of aircraft valuations and understanding of the federal contracting process. This allows our clients to lower their cost of ownership while providing the necessary operation requirements under the contract.

Third, we provide asset management services on our equipment and maritime vessel portfolio to assure that the property valuations and federal contract yield remain consistent. 

Fourth, our knowledge maritime assets allow us take aggressive residual positions in the property we finance lowering the cost of financing assets for our clients.

First, we finance sea based assets both CONUS and OCONUS to assure contract efficiency and to increase international revenue segments for our clients.



Over the past 36 months GovCon Capital has financed mission system equipment that is deployed in more than twenty-five different countries among nine government agencies.

GovCon Capital’s ability to provide financing across multiple government contract platforms differentiates us from traditional lending sources.

GovCon Capital was born out of a necessity to provide critical financing to government contractors. 

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