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Our commitment to funding C5ISR technology is based on our in-depth experience and knowledge of mission-critical platforms supported by the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines and differentiates us from our competition. 

GovCon Capital provides financing

for land-based assets including but

not limited to adaptive sensors,

mission management and support

equipment, ISR analytic technology, secure communications, navigation, radar spectrometry and reconnaissance technology in addition to space system and tactical system equipment.

  GovCon Capital deploys capital to middle-market companies operating in the C5ISR marketplace for technologies that represent: 

Ballistic-Resistant Rapid Access Safe Room Systems (RASR)

Encryption/Decryption Systems

Command and Control Facilities

IT Networking

Long Range Telecommunications

Secured Communications Facilities

Satellite Communications

Mobile Command Centers

Reconnaissance Equipment

We provide direct benchmark payments and progress payments to prime and subprime contractors, OEMs, suppliers, and distributors ensuring that our clients maintain their contract timeline commitments.

Our program includes supporting contractors who invest in combat vehicles, artillery, infantry support weapons, tactical radar systems, non-tactical vehicles, physical security equipment, logistics, engineering equipment, and research and development assets developing emerging technologies.

GovCon Capital provides exclusive funding for KT Security Solutions ballistic-resistant Rapid Access Safe Room Systems (RASR), for the U. S. Federal Government, State Governments, Municipalities, Education Districts, Charter Schools,  Private Schools, University Campuses, Airport Authorities, Federal Contractors (Tiers I, II, or III), or Commercial Clients. Click here to learn more.

  GovCon Capital Differentiates Itself From

Our Competition In 3 Key Aspects:  




First, we finance over 1,000 different types of C5ISR assets that many traditional banks and independent leasing companies will not finance. 

Second, GovCon Capital is a global finance company so our ability to fund property that is OCONUS allows for our clients to continue their international presence.

Third, our decision-making authority allows our clients to receive timely approvals, documentation, and funding within a 21-day window. This allows our clients to lower their cost of ownership while providing the necessary compliance, operational and regulatory requirements under their contract.

GovCon Capital was born out of a necessity to provide

critical financing to government contractors. 

Over the past 36 months, GovCon Capital has financed mission system equipment that is deployed in more than twenty-five different countries among nine government agencies.

GovCon Capital’s ability to provide financing across multiple government contract platforms

differentiates us from traditional lending sources.

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