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GovCon Capital Anticipates $50BB Additional Non-Bank Lending In A&D Technology by 2027

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Aerospace and defense companies are leveraging technology to improve present forms of military assets, such as aircraft, ground vehicles, ships, and spacecraft, enabling them to function autonomously to bolster our national security.

Take a deeper dive into defense tech and read the compelling article by leading tech editor Tanya Dua, of LinkedIn News Tech Stack, expecting $185 billion of growth in defense technology by 2027.

GovCon Capital anticipates an additional $50 billion in non-bank lending will complement this growth for aerospace and defense technology over the next five years.

An example of this is the new Small Business Investment Company Critical Technologies (SBICCT) Initiative and Office of Strategic Capital (OSC), a Department of Defense organization that will help build an enduring technological advantage by partnering with private capital providers. “In alignment with the National Defense Strategy, the SBICCT Initiative will further enable DoD to work with both government and the private sector to build enduring advantages for the warfighter and for the taxpayer,” said Lloyd Austin, secretary of defense.

Tightening lending restrictions, intensifying geopolitical developments, along with rising defense spending will force federal contractors to explore alternatives to conventional financing in order to fulfill their contractual commitments.

Commercial, federal, and international clients are relying on non-bank debt providers, such as GovCon Capital, more than ever before.

The mission to deploy funds for critical technology to preserve our national security continues to be our priority.

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