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Types of RASR Cleints GovCon Capital Finances

  • Education District

  • Charter School

  • Private School

  • University Campus

  • Airport Authority

  • Commercial Business 

  • Federal Contractor: Tier 1, Tier II, or Tier III

  • Municipality

  • Federal Government

  • State Government


1. The average cost of installing and maintaining a RASR in a classroom is less than $3 per day, per student. (Based on 12 monthly payments per year and an average classroom size of 24 individuals in grades K-12/SOURCE: Zippia).


2. By investing in a RASR the cost of ownership is paid for on average at the end of 3 years, yet its useful life continues thereafter for many years to come.


3. In nearly every instance where a client acquires at least 100 RASR's, the cost of leasing  the property and then purchasing it is less than 95% given the benefits of investing cash in other property that has a useful life that is less than 3 years.


4. Provided any client type leases 100 RASR's, the average Total Return on Non-Cash Investment is $1,356,559.00 over a period of 3 years. 


5. GovCon Capital provides an aggressive residual value position in the  RASR Systems that are being leased, which benefits the client in the form of significantly lower monthly lease payments. GovCon Capital's residual position for all RASR’s will be at Ten-Percent (10%) estimated residual value.
6. Across all client types the benefits of preserving cash and leasing a RASR are significant before EBITDA benefits are calculated.


7. By investing in a RASR, the cost of liability insurance per Client Type may decrease by 5 percent.


8. The average interest rate across all 12 Client Types is between 6.25% and 9.25%.


9. GovCon Capital will finance RASR’s throughout the United States as well as on military bases globally.


10. GovCon Capital invests in relationships over transactions. We are a trusted partner throughout the life of the transaction devoted to taking the best care of our clients needs while providing fast, flexible and cost effective financial solutions. Our business model is specifically designed for today's lending environment.

Please submit your contact information to learn more about financing options for KT Security Solutions Rapid Access Safe Room Systems.

2200 N. Commerce Pkwy | Suite 200 | Weston, FL 33326

Office: (786) 688-2414


Contact Information

Please submit your contact information to learn more about financing options for KT Security Solutions Rapid Access Safe Room Systems.

Type of Entity

Thank you! GovCon Capital's finance team will contact you within the next 24 hours to assist you with Rapid Access Safe Room financing.

The rates and pricing offered by GovCon Capital are subject to established financial instruments including SOFR, Federal Reserve Rate, and the U.S. Treasury Bond index.

GovCon Capital, LLC has a strategic partnership agreement with KT Security Solutions
to offer customized financing options for the RASR Wall Systems.

GovCon Capital offers low payment terms and flexible lease solutions to meet your budget.

For more information please contact

GovCon Capital representatives at (786) 688-2414

or email

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The RASR Wall System:

Is a Fully Functional White Board.

Can be Deployed within 10 Seconds
to provide a ballistic shield in the case of an active shooter or severe weather emergency.

Is Customizable to Fit Various Locations
including classrooms, offices, and other public spaces.

Is Devoted to Safeguarding
the lives of our students, educators, and workforce from gun violence and weather disasters in schools and commercial workspaces.

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